Best Front and Rear Dash Cam of 2022 Reviews (Dual Security)

Do you want to buy the best front and rear dash cam 2022? Are you getting confused about selecting the best front and rear dash cam of 2022? Don’t worry; you have just landed in the right place because we will explain each and everything deeply.

People who frequently travel on busy roads know the significance of the dash cam. We know you drive very cautiously, but what would happen if your car is in the parking area and someone hits it? How will you claim the insurance or prove that it was an accident, not your fault? That time this mini spy will help you out. Automatically recorded videos and images will solve the issue smoothly.

It is good to select the best dash cam of 2022 for front and rear security because only the front camera is insufficient. You can’t see what’s going on at the back while driving. So, the rear camera is there to keep an eye on all the rear happenings. That’s why we have presented the best front and rear dash cams of 2022 in front of you.

Why buy a front and rear dash cam?

The best front and rear dash cam 2022 are so advantageous because it keeps the record of what’s happening at the front of the car and the rear. The driver is also a human being who has just the capacity to focus on one thing at a time. No matter how efficient the driver is, he can only focus on the frontal side of the car. When someone bumps into your car, you can’t focus on the license plate, the person’s face, and other details simultaneously.

But that’s a very easy job for a dash cam to do. It records each and everything that comes in its access.

The rear camera is essential because it provides evidence that you can’t imagine recording on your own. It is perfect for your safety. It also makes you a responsible driver because you know that your every action will be recorded. So, it brings a sense of responsibility to the drivers. In short, it is a handy device for recording ongoing activities on-road and even in parking.

Types of front and rear dash cams:

When it comes to the types of dash cams, all the forms of dash cams are useful, but it depends on your needs and demands that which one you select.

1. Front-facing dash cams:

As the name indicates, the front-facing dash cams are focused on the frontal region of the car. Their duty is to record whatever happens on the front side of the vehicle. Easily attach it to the windscreen, and it’s all set to start its job. They are capable of recording quality videos via G-Sensor. The front-facing dash cams, when detects any unusual activity, records it instantly.

2. Dual-facing dash cams:

The dual-facing dash cams also record the frontal area’s activities of the car but with an addition. It not only records the happenings of the outside of the vehicle but the inner activities too. The primary purpose of dual-facing dash cams is to improve the driver’s behavior. It is also beneficial for the robberies happening within the cab; you can find out the thief easily with the help of video recordings.

3. Interior dash cams:

The interior cams are made for capturing activities inside the vehicles. This dash cam ensures the security of passengers and their goods. By interior dash cam, the passengers feel secure and protected against any bullying or theft. The driver can also monitor the activities of people sitting in his cab continuously. So, the chances of any misconduct reduce.

4. Exterior dash cams:

The exterior dash cams are used for mounting at the outer side of the vehicles. They record the 360 degrees view outside of the car and also the road around. These dash cams are beneficial for the dangerous turns and for confronting blind spots.

The exterior dash cams handle the challenge of capturing broad images. Rear cameras capture even those views that the rearview mirror can’t access. The license plates are easily visible to the exterior dash cams. So, in case of an accident, gathering useful information is not a big deal.

5. Multi-camera dash cams:

The multi-camera dash cams are capable of providing 360 degrees view of your car. You can get the knowledge of what is happening at any side of your vehicle. It gives full protection to the drivers and enables them to look at either angle accurately.

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam 2022 Comparison Table:

If you are having an issue in selecting the best front and rear dash cam of 2022, be relaxed. We are making it so simple for you to decide within no time.

The best front and rear dash cams 2022 that we added to our list are indeed the perfect ones among their competitors. We believe in innovation and want you to buy a modern dash cam with outstanding features. That’s why bringing the latest dash cams that are equipped with all beneficial properties.

Maybe you are getting anxious that such high-quality dash cams definitely will be so pricey. Good news! In our list, the low-price dash cams are also available but with no compromise on quality.

We chose the dash cams with high resolution, wider lens angle, loop recording, night vision, and whatnot. The selected best front and rear dash cams of 2022 are the top brand products. By adding the top brand dash cams on our list, we provide you top-notch products for sure.

We have done extensive research at the time of selecting these dash cams to save your time. All you have to do is to just go through the whole article and choose the one you find more appropriate.

1. Dash Cam Front and Rear CHORTAU B-T13 Dual Dash Cam (Top Pick)

The CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam is an innovative and modern dash cam having numerous novel features. If your SD card is full, no problem; the loop recording will overwrite the old material with the new one. So, don’t get worried; all the accidents will be recorded to provide evidence.

It also comes with G-Sensor that automatically observes and records any collision. The recording will be saved in an SOS file for further use. The 32 GB micro SD card of the dashboard is sufficient for keeping massive data.

The 1080 P resolution dual dash cam has a front and rear camera for gathering evidence of whatever happens on the road. The front camera is so efficient at capturing road signs and license plates. If you are driving at night, the front camera will still record the perfect footage for you.

The 170 degrees wide-angle front camera can capture visuals clearly. The rear camera provides 130 degrees viewing angles. Eliminating blind spots of the visual field, it records every scene with precision.

This dash cam has a parking mode that automatically turns on and starts recording if something wrong happens. So, you have the record in the form of a video as a witness. Now, there is no need to monitor your car round the clock. The CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam makes your life easy by keeping a record of every moment.


  • Easy to install.
  • Wider viewing angle.
  • The rear camera is water-proof.
  • Loop recording and G-Sensor.


  • No touchscreen.
  • Buttons are too small.

The CHORTAU dual dash cam is an advanced device that provides you not only the best images and videos but also audio recordings. It is a full package of various novel features that makes it a top-notch dual dash cam.

2. APEMAN C860 1440P&1080P Dual Dash Cam (Runner Up)

Do you want to have the best front and rear dash cam 2022 that owns high resolution? APEMAN dual dash cam’s front camera records 1440P videos while the rear cam is capable of recording 1080P. The more the resolution, the higher the quality of visuals would be. In this manner, the rear camera is leaving many dash cams in the competition behind.

It records the videos clear and with fine details to keep everything documented. With 170 degrees wide viewing angles, both the cameras focus each information with no visual blind zone.

Watch every visual clearly on its 3-inch IPS screen that features 30 FPS for the front cam and 30 FPS for the rear cam. The huge display presents every image clearly that it captures during your drive. The screen’s IPS-panel makes the display more bright and vivid. So, no matter if you look at the screen from extreme sides, the display will still show vibrant images.

If someone hits your car, the built-in G-Sensor will automatically record footage of that collision. The emergency lock records the video from starting till the vibration fully stopped and saves it in a separate folder of emergency recordings. So whenever you need it, easily get it from there.


  • 360 degrees rotating suction.
  • Capacity for 128GB SD card.
  • 3 inches IPS screen.
  • Automatic recording in parking.


  • Lacks an in-built battery.
  • No WiFi

APEMAN dual dash cam comes with a 3-inch IPS display that presents wider and clearer images. 360 degrees rotating suction enables it to record inside and outside both. It supports a 128 GB SD card that is a huge capacity for keeping records.

3. Dual Dash cam | VAVA VA-VD002 Dual 1920x1080P FHD

If you want to have a dash cam that can capture the car’s inner and outer footage accurately, then you should go for this dash cam. The 360 degrees suction cup covers five lanes of the road with precision. Recording the exact scenes with fine details and reducing the blind spots to provide you with perfect visuals is not difficult for it.

It gathers the evidence with the powerful front and the rear cameras. This dash cam can record videos of 155 degrees of front and 126 degrees of backside area. The VAVA Dual is better than other dash cams available in the market due to its 1920 x 1080 P resolution with 30 fps.

No matter if you have to travel for long distances at night, the Sony sensor improves sensitivity to low light. Thus, in dim light environments, it also records clear and more visible images.

This dash cam acts like a soldier who serves on the borders. It keeps an eye on the surroundings when the car is resting in the parking. Even when the engine is off, it still works. If it detects any movement or bump, it starts recording automatically without any delay. So, you’ll be having a record of the actual happening.


  • Loop recording.
  • Supports 128 GB SD card.
  • Easy to install.
  • Snapshot button
  • Built-in battery.


  • G-Sensor easily triggers.
  • Don’t include an SD card.

VAVA dual dash cam is providing the facility of WiFi that brings ease to your life. So, you can easily connect it with your mobile phone. The dash cam is capable of rotating 360 degrees, and the wide aperture lens focuses on the fine details accurately.

4. Crosstour CR900 Dash Cam (Average Choice)

Are you looking for a dash cam with wider viewing angles? Hold on, Crosstour Dash Cam is exactly what you were searching for. Both the front and rear cameras have 170 degrees viewing angles for recording more areas clearly.

With 1080P, it records phenomenal videos and images, whether it is day or night. The modern sensor and NOVATEK chip make it powerful enough to do its job with more perfection.

Along with providing double protection from front and back, the Crosstour Dash Cam contains HDR that gives more strength. So, no problem if you are traveling on a dim light road; the HDR will balance the brightness to capture clearer visuals.

Accidents always happen suddenly, so G-sensor makes this dash cam all set to record the collisions automatically. It keeps the footage of such collisions protected from being overwritten. Preventing the card from getting full, loop recording makes segments of records.

The 3-inch HD LCD provides an enormous visual experience for playbacks. The SD card slot supports a 32 GB SD card that is not available with the package.

The wire for the rear camera is 5.9 m, which is quite long for many cars. So, we must consider this issue before buying it.


  • 170 degrees wide viewing angles.
  • 1080P resolution for both cameras.
  • 6 glass lens.
  • Superb night vision.


  • The rear camera is not waterproof.
  • No WiFi and GPA.

Crosstour dash cam comes with a supercapacitor, motion sensor, G-Sensor, loop recording, and 3 inches LCD screen. Both the cameras contain 1080p high resolution to capture high-quality videos and images.

5. APEMAN C420 Dual Dash Cam for Cars

Do you want to buy a dash cam with a waterproof rear camera? Apeman Dual Dash Cam has a 720p rear cam that is not only efficient at capturing images but is waterproof also. So you can fix the rear cam outside of the car without thinking about the harshness of weather conditions.

Now don’t worry about getting deprived of recordings happening at the extreme edges. The Apeman Dash Cam has 170 degrees wider viewing angle available for front and rear cam both. It accesses a wide area of approximately 6 lanes and captures records with perfection.

The front camera is of more high-resolution than the rear camera. It has a 1080p resolution that gives it more power to record ultra-immersive images. The working temperature is always an essential thing to look at when purchasing a dash cam. The Apeman can withstand -10 degrees to 60 degrees Celcius temperature.

G-sensor protection and loop recording are the features not letting it be inferior to its competitors. This dash cam monitors the car’s surroundings 24 hours, even in the parking area too. On detecting a vibration, it starts recording to never miss any essential detail.



  • Suction mount and 3M Adhesive
  • 170 degrees wider viewing angles.
  • G-sensor protection.
  • Loop recording.
  • 2.0-inch TFT LCD.


  • Lacks WiFi and SD card.

APEMAN C420D Dash Cam provides you a waterproof rear camera that you can mount outside the car also. It has the capacity to bear temperature from -10℃ to 60℃. Records superb videos even at night times. Captures 6 lanes with its 170 degrees wider viewing angle at front and rear both.

6. Dual Dash Cam, VAVA VA-VD009 (High End)

If you are much concerned about the resolution of the front and rear cameras both, here is VAVA VD009 Dash Cam made for you. This is an amazing dual dash cam with 2K HD resolution for the front camera and 1080p resolution for the rear camera. With such a high resolution, you can record images and videos of exceptional value.

If you drive the car fast, still, this dash cam will provide you with the perfect videos. For the front camera, it has an IMX335 Sony sensor, while for the rear camera, it owns IMX307 Sony sensor. These outstanding features make it an ideal choice for everyone who demands high-quality videos.

It is such a phenomenal dash cam having Bluetooth snapshot, 2-inch LCD display, APP control, and built-in GPS. Having all these features, this dash cam makes it easy to upload and share videos on different social media apps. So, by getting this one, you will save your money that otherwise you have to spend on installing GPS.

The built-in GPS is beneficial for keeping a record of all the information related to your journey. It traces the speed, driving route, and location of your car automatically.

So now you can drive at night or on dim light roads without any tension of having captured blur or vague images.


  • Flawless loop recording.
  • Withstands extreme weather conditions.
  • 360 degrees rotatable dashcam.
  • Built-in battery.
  • Supports up to 256 GB SD card.


  • Small screen.
  • No SD card.

VAVA VD009 Dash Cam features built-in GPS and a built-in 320 mAh battery. Through VAVA dedicated app, you can download, view, and share your recordings on social media. The 6 glass lens captures images and videos with perfect HD resolution.

7. APEMAN C550 Dash Cam (Best Budget)

All the people who want to buy a dash cam that is easy to install would find the APEMAN C550 as what they were looking for. It is quite convenient to install with the spudger pry device that saves your money on installation services. Moreover, it doesn’t come in your driving view, so your attention never diverts.

Get evidence in the form of clear images and videos because of its high-resolution cameras. The front camera has 1080p with 170 degrees viewing angle that captures flawless visuals. The 720p rear cam with 130 degrees viewing angles can keep an eye on three lanes.

It records the collisions and keeps them saved through its built-in G-Sensor automatically. No record will vanish or overwritten because it saves the recorded videos without your instructions. So, it works on its own to keep you relaxed.

It monitors the car in parking 24/7, and as someone hits your car, it starts performing its duty. It automatically turns on, records videos, saves, and locks it to help you give the authorities evidence when they ask for it.

The waterproof rear cam can be adjusted on the license plate without any fear of damage. This remarkable dash cam provides better performance at every time of the day. Even at night, you can see everything clearly, including the license plate.


  • Advanced IPS screen.
  • Loop recording.
  • Clear night vision.
  • Parking monitor.
  • Wide viewing angles.


  • Rear camera quality needs improvement.
  • The rear cam cable is so long.

APEMAN C550 is a phenomenal dual dash cam that includes a 32 GB SD card. The waterproof rear camera, IPS screen, parking monitor, and advanced GPS make this device a choice of all the quality lovers.


A list of the best front and rear dash cam 2022 comes to its end here. We discussed the dash cams that are perfect for their functioning and quite better than the dash cams available in the market. We know you are good at making decisions but let us make it easier for you to decide instantly.

The first dash cam on our list is CHORTAU Dual Dash Cam, which is our top pick. We have given it first place because it’s not pricey but still provides all the best features you may think a dash cam should have.

Getting the second position on our list is the APEMAN C860 with great features but costs a bit more price than the first one. Otherwise, it is phenomenal for its awesome qualities. That’s the reason we call it a runner up.

The Crosstour Dash Cam is the device we selected as our average choice. To be very honest, it is, in fact, more than average because all of its features are phenomenal.

If you are passionate about buying a perfect dash cam, no matter how much it costs, then buy our high-end dash cam, the VAVA VD009 Dash Cam. It is the dash cam with high-quality features and also justifies the price you pay for it.

The APEMAN C550 is the best budget front and rear dash cam 2022 that we placed at the end of our list. It is a perfect dash cam for those who can’t invest much in this device right now. But we care about you. That’s why we selected the pearl among budget dash cams.

We did our best to equip you with better knowledge about the front and rear dash cams. Now, it’s more than easy for you to choose, so go ahead.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Front and Rear Dash Cam 2022:

Before buying the best front and rear dash cam 2022, there are a few things you must keep in mind to get the perfect one. Let’s have a look at some of the important features a dash cam must-have.

High resolution:

The dash cam with low resolution is of no use. All that the dash cam has to do is record the visual evidence, so it should have a perfect resolution. The dash cams should have at least 1080p for front and rear dash cams both.

With high-resolution, you will get more clear visuals, and focusing on license plates will be more convenient. High-quality videos depend on the frame rates of the dash cam. Most of the front and rear dash cams provide 30 fps. But if you are lucky enough to find a dash cam with 60 fps, then it’s too great.

Wide lens angles:

The best front and rear dash cam 2022 with wide viewing angles can capture more lanes of the road. So, you can get more evidence and records of what is happening around your vehicle.

Most of the dash cams available in the market have 120 to 170 degrees viewing angles. It’s perfect to have 150 degrees lens angle for capturing better visuals. The wider viewing angles can make the images distorted, so prefer the wider lens angle only if you are ok with distorted images.


The G-Sensor records the video when it senses unusual movements or jerks. In case of an accident, the G-Sensor makes the camera to record video instantly. The benefit of this feature is that it not only records the videos but also saves and protects them from deletion.

The interesting fact about G-Sensor is that if the memory card is full, it will still save the recording of the accident’s footage.

Parking Mode:

The parking mode is an essential feature of the best front and rear dash cam 2022 due to its effectiveness. It collects records of bumps or accidents that happen when your car is in parking. The parking mode requires battery power because it works when the car is not moving. So, choose the dash cam with a better battery system.

LCD screen:

Most of the modern best dash cams are having LCD screens for showing what they are recording. It is an additional feature that might surprise some people like while some drivers may find it distracting. If you want to see what’s happening around your car, prefer a dash cam with an LCD screen, whether you choose a 2-inch screen or 3-inch screen, it doesn’t affect the price.


The WiFi provides you direct and convenient access to the dash cam. You can even make changes in the settings of your dash cam through the smartphone. The dash cams without WiFi are quite hectic to use.

First, you will remove the SD card; then, by putting it into your laptop or computer, you’ll get access to the footage. But the dash cams with WiFi gives you a facility to see the recordings on your smartphone easily.

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