Best Dash Cam 2022 Reviews with Buying Guide (Top Picks Included)

Today is the era where traffic accidents occur daily, and no one accepts their fault in any case. If any severe accident occurs, everyone wants the culprit to pay for your damage. But, as long as the other one doesn’t prove to be guilty, you can’t claim your damage. In short, you can’t take any legal action unless there must be visible proof of it. Here the best dash cam 2022 plays a vital role in this scenario.

If you are traveling in your car with a dash cam in it, then in case of an accident, you’ll have video footage of that incident. Not only this, but the dash cam can also be of several advantages. However, finding the best dash cam of 2022 is not an easy task as it looks. but we have make things easy for you in this article!

Our Top Picks

Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam


This article will let you know all the features and specs of a dash cam with its security and entertainment benefits in detail. The whole discussion is solely dedicated to the best dash cam 2022. After reading this detailed review, you’ll confidently choose the one for your car.

List of 10 Best Dash Cam 2022:

We have put a lot of effort and hard work to make this article worth read for you. Here we have gathered ten dashboard cameras, and each one of them is best in its own way. Our whole team has collected the data based on their experience and usage. If you are looking for the best dash cam of 2022, this comparison table will solve half of your problem.

1. Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam (Runner Up)

  • It can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Has an exceptional 4k resolution lens with 2160P video quality.
  • Includes a Wi-Fi app interface for easy video sharing.
  • Has a loop recording feature for seamless recording.
  • The charging port is a little delicate.
  • Wi-Fi software is difficult to operate.

This Rexing V1-4k features an exceptional 4k video resolution lens. The 2160P lens can record an incredible video and images even at high-speed driving. The Wi-Fi app interface in the camera allows the video and image transfer faster and more reliable. So even if you are on your trips, you can share your video footage. If you are worried about the storage capacity, then the loop recording technique can be a game-changer for you. Just turn the loop recording setting On, and the new video will overwrite the existing one whenever there is a storage issue.

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The G-sensors can play a vital role in case of any damaging collision. It helps in protecting the recorded footage at the time of the accident and prevent overwriting. Supercapacitor provides the advantage of durability and power supply over the battery-powered dash cameras. It also increases the efficiency of the camera to work in extreme environments. Also, it can withstand the extreme temperatures like -20 Fahrenheit to 176 Fahrenheit. While many high-end models don’t have this feature, so we can call it the best dash cam 2022.

It has a 24-hours parking monitoring features. Turn the parking monitoring surveillance On, and in case of any vibration, it will start recording. You don’t need any specific position for the camera to capture any specific angle. It has a 170-degree wide-angle lens that can capture the entirety of the surroundings. This dash cam can record in any type of lighting condition. It has a WDR technology that adjusts the exposure of the light according to the environment. So, finding a best dash cam 2022 is not an issue anymore after this Rexing V1-4 dashboard camera.

If you want a best dash cam 2022 that can record at the extreme of the temperatures with an exceptional 4k resolution, then buy this one.

2. APEMAN C450 Dash Cam 1080P (Our Top Pick of 2022)

  • Features a 170° wide recording lens.
  • Easy to install in your cars.
  • Includes G-sensors for accidental motion detection.
  • Has a high-resolution 1080P lens.
  • Provides continuous loop recording option.
  • Needs to turn On/Off manually.
  • The collision detector is too sensitive

APEMAN Dash cam is affordable as well as a quality option for buying. You don’t have to worry about the usage and fixing of it. It is a handy camera in terms of installation perspective because the beginners even can install it in their cars. With the help of the suction cup, you can mount it in your car. Also, even after mounting, it is rotatable to 360 degrees. While looking for the best dash cam 2022, you’ll encounter a long list with several options. It is also one of them, and the features in terms of the price make it best overall too.

This dashboard camera features a high-resolution lens of 1080P full HD. With enough size of a 3-inch LCD screen, it can capture clear video and images. Even while driving at high speed, this cam allows you to replay any specific moment from the video. This dash camera features a wide 170-degree angle lens which makes it able to use for truckers as well. It can capture even the minute details within the angle. Its ultra-wide view capturing spec allows the lens to prevent the main video scene from blind spots.

The sensitivity of this camera is something you can flaunt. It has G-sensors in it that can sense any accidental jerks and collisions. So, it locks up the main accident footage even while loop recording from being overwritten. Even without the additional auxiliary lights, this dashboard camera has an excellent night vision. It is only because of the combination of HDR, WDR, and F1.8 wide aperture. Clear images and videos are the guarantees of this camera, even in dull light environments.

This dash cam has parking monitoring features. It allows you to capture all the events while your car is being parked. Also, the G-sensor that aids in accidental collision detection makes it a worth buying product.

3. Vantrue N2 Pro 2.5K 1440P Dash Cam (High End)

  • Has a time-lapse feature.
  • Has an 18-months warranty.
  • Best suitable for extreme climate conditions.
  • Has an auto LCD off timer to avoid light disturbance.
  • Little bit pricey
  • Few users reported, it can drain the car battery if not properly charged.

If you are an uber driver or a taxi driver, then this can be the best dash cam 2022 for you. It can capture not only the roadside but also the inside of the car. It includes a front camera with an F/1.8 wide aperture and a 170-degree wide-angle lens. Similarly, the rear camera has an F/2.0 wide aperture with a 140-degree wide-angle. This Vanture N2 pro can record high resolutions videos in FHD 1920 x 1080P 30fps. This dash camera also allows recording with the front camera only, without using the inside vision.

The infra-red LED lights, along with the exclusive HDR system, can manage the lights in the video. The IR LED lights help to lighten up the dark points in the video according to the whole video. In times of the storage shortage in the memory card, the loop recording can be really helpful. You can record a new video, and it’ll overwrite the already existing old ones. This dashboard camera supports an SD card with storage up to 256GB. Both the front and the rear camera can record the events happening around the car while it is parked.

The G-sensors system helps in detecting the accidental collisions. It also helps in locking that accident footage into a locked event file to prevent it from overwriting. The additional GPS setting helps you to keep a record of your location, speed, and route. One feature that makes it one of the best dash cams of 2022 is the built-in microphone in it. Now you can do voiceovers while the camera is recording video. If you are not interested in the audio, then simply turn off the microphone. For 24-hours continuous recording, the camera needs a hardwire or an external battery.

If you love to vlog while driving, then it has a built-in microphone that can serve your purpose. Also, the dual-camera option is the best option for drivers. It helps to keep a record of what the passengers are doing inside the cabin.

4. Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS

  • Includes an ultra-HD 4K video recording lens.
  • Features an inbuilt Wi-Fi Rove app.
  • Has a built-in GPS tracker.
  • Supports a 512GB SD card.
  • Provides a time-lapse video function.
  • The Wi-Fi is not changeable, and anyone can easily access it.
  • Video quality is not like a real 4K resolution.

The best dash cam 2022 with the ultra HD high-resolution 4K lens of 2160P is the Rove R2-4K. This dashboard camera has an inbuilt Wi-Fi feature that helps you to download your videos. The Rove app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It allows you to share the footage with your family and friends. Also, the built-in GPS tracker can keep a record of your driving speed, location, and route. You can view these on the Google maps via Rove Wi-Fi app.

The wide-angle lens can capture the happening events at a 150 degree A+ angle. So, wherever you mount it in your car, it can cover a complete view. To keep the record of your specific incident footage, it has special G-sensors for that purpose. The sensors activate the protection lock whenever a vehicle feel any collisional jerk. The video footage remains safe from overwriting in a special folder that you can access easily. The time-lapse video is another exciting feature that helps to capture specific pictures at specific moments.

The night vision function records the best of videos, even in the dullest environments. Now traveling at nights is not an issue unless you have this dashboard cam in your car. It has a 24-hours parking monitoring system that uses the camera’s internal battery. If any accidental event happens during that time, the camera will record a 1-minute short video. Next time whenever the camera will turn On, you’ll receive an audio note that it has a video saved in it. You can use that video for further investigation purposes.

The inbuilt GPS and the Rove Wi-Fi app is something that makes this product a worth buy. Moreover, a 1-year complete warranty makes it the best dash cam of 2022.

5. VAVA Dual VA-VD002 Front and Rear dash camera

  • Has ultra-high-resolution dual cameras.
  • Has dual Sony sensors for exceptional clear night vision.
  • Includes G-sensor for recording footage in case of an accident.
  • Supports 128GB SD card.
  • Features a built-in VAVA Dash Wi-Fi app.
  • The snapshot button doesn’t work quite well.
  • Users find some issues while connecting it with Android.

If you want to buy a dual dashboard cam for your car, you should buy this VAVA full HD camera. It is the best dash cam 2022 considering its promising features and quality. The dual cameras together can cover the front view at 155 degrees, and the rear-view 126 degrees. The resolution of these captured views with dual cameras is 1920 x 1080p 30fps. However, if you only use the front camera, it can capture a high-resolution video of QHD 2560 x 1440p at 30fps.

Not only is it the best dash cam 2022 but also a cost-effective option for you with impressive specifications. It features a built-in Wi-Fi app called VAVA Dash. This app helps you in connecting the camera with your smartphones. You can access and share the saved video footage on your smartphone via this app after downloading them. It can keep a record of anyone who bumps into your car while it is parked via a parking monitor. The parking monitor records video of any incident which occurs during that time.

The loops recording feature can record simultaneously. In case of the memory shortage from the 128GB SD card, the new video overwrites the previous one. However, if any accident occurs, then the G-sensors detects those collisions and vibrations. The recorded video footage of that incident instantly goes into a secure folder. This dash camera has dual Sony sensors that increase the light sensitivity for dimmer environments. The camera adjusts the light, color, and sharpness with this night vision.

The unique feature which makes it one of the best dash cams of 2022 is the snapshot button. You can mount it on the steering wheel and snap any specific moment or a video of 20 seconds. Also, it has a compact design so that it won’t cover much of your windscreen.

6. APEMAN C450 Dash Cam with 3″ LCD Screen (Best Budget)

  • Features a wide dynamic range for light balance.
  • Easily mountable with the suction cup.
  • Provides an FHD resolution of 1080P.
  • Has gravity sensors for accident detection.
  • Needs to format the SD card every 15 days.
  • While in use, it requires a continuous power source.

This one is not only the best dash cam 2022 but also the best budget buy if you are looking for one. It can record the video with a full HD high-resolution lens of 1080P and give you the best visuals. Along with the extraordinary visual experience, the 3-inch LCD screen can display an explicit video. The simple mounting of this camera makes it user friendly. Even the beginners can install it within minutes with the suction cup, which is 360 degrees rotatable.

Nighttime traveling is no more an issue for you as long as you own this dashboard cam. The camera works with a high dynamic range and a wide dynamic range for excellent night vision. The big aperture, along with the 6G lens, provides the best video quality. It can manage the colors and the light in the video by itself. Along with that, the gravity sensors can sense the collisions and vibrations. The sensor allows the camera to lock the video of that incident instantly into a secure folder.

You can also record with this best dash cam 2022 continuously without worrying about storage issues. The continuous loop recording settings keep recording the new footages while overwrites the old ones. It only overwrites those footages which are not locked into a secure folder. If you want to prevent the internal backup battery, you need to keep charging it with the car charger.

It offers a wide capturing angle of 170 degrees, which covers all the surroundings easily. Also, the WDR technology to manage the colors of the captured video makes this camera a worth buy.

7. AUKEY DR02-USA Dash Cam FHD 1080p Car Camera

  • Has 1080P full HD resolution even in dull light conditions.
  • Includes an internal supercapacitor, which makes it durable.
  • Easy to mount with the dual-sided 3M suction pads.
  • Compact in design and don’t block the windscreen.
  • Customers complained about unexpected shutdown issues.
  • A little expensive.

A dash cam with a compact design that fits easily behind the rear-view mirror and doesn’t block the windscreen is always in demand. Although small in size, it still provides full HD resolution videos and images. It has a powerful Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor for capturing sharp 1080P resolution videos. Along with the ultra-sharp resolution, the AUKEY dashboard cam has the expanded 170-degree view. It can record all the events happening on the road without any blurry vision.

What makes it a best dash cam 2022 is its ability to record with the same perfection even at night. Low light conditions don’t bother the performance of this camera. The footages it records at night won’t even have graininess and blurriness at all. Furthermore, you can also buy a GPS antenna with it to keep track of your latitude and longitude. You can provide power to this camera with the standard USB car socket. You can also charge your mobile phones with this dual-port charger. Also, it has an internal super-capacitor, which makes it superiorly resistant to extreme temperature conditions.

The gravity sensors present in it can detect unexpected collisional incidents. The camera instantly throws the video of that incident into a protected lock. This feature prevents that specific video from being overwritten. Otherwise, the loop recording system is best in case of memory shortage. The new videos will make their place by overwriting the previous ones. The package you’ll get contains a dual-sided 3M suction pads for mounting. The mounting of it on the windscreen is a game of minutes, even for the newbies.

One thing which makes this product a worthy buy is its small compact size. You won’t have any issues that it is blocking your view through the windscreen. Also, the easy mounting and clear night vision declare it a best dash cam 2022.

8. Anker AK-R2241311 Roav DashCam A1

  • Features an advanced night hawk vision technology for clear night visuals.
  • Has the flexibility of 360° rotation and 180° tilting.
  • Auto turns On/Off along with the car.
  • Has durable polycarbonate hardware.
  • Features a Roav app for downloading and video sharing.
  • Needs continuous power source for working.
  • Wi-Fi doesn’t provide good signal strength.

This Anker Roav dashboard cam can record footage and capture images with full HD quality of 1080P. The high-resolution videos and the super wide view capturing angle make it a best dash cam 2022. The high-resolution FHD lens record the clips and footages with crystal clear vision. The wide dynamic range system and the advanced night hawk unique technology increase its night vision efficiency. So, you don’t have to stress yourself about managing lights. Its unique technology and the lens manage the extreme dark and extreme lightful conditions itself.

The built-in Roav Wi-Fi app is the best assistant in managing, downloading, and sharing your videos. The best thing about this Wi-Fi app is that it won’t compromise the video quality. You don’t need to worry that the dash cam will drain out the battery while you are away. It instantly turns On and Off along with the car. However, Roav doesn’t compromise on the safety features. It has the gravity sensors that activate the camera in case of any unexpected jolts and collisions. The video of that happening is lock protected, so next time you start the car, you can check that footage.

The polycarbonate hardware increases the durability of the camera. It also prevents the internal components from vibrations. The installation of this camera is super easy with the 360-degree rotatable suction cups. It also provides a smooth 180-degree tilt to your camera. So, you can set the angle of the lens according to your need. The package contains a micro USB cable for powering up the camera. Manufacturers recommend using a class 10 micro SD card of 32 GB for efficient working.

The promising feature of this dash cam is the excellent working in all climatic conditions. Also, the flexibility of this camera is something that makes it an outstanding product.

9. APEMAN C420D Dual Dash Cam for Cars Front and Rear

  • Has a compact design and easy installation.
  • Includes a water-resistant rear camera.
  • Has an anti-thief monitoring technology.
  • Includes advanced Starvis sensor for clear nighttime vision.
  • The camera and the suction cup joint become a little loose with time.
  • Installation is not as easy as they claim.

If you want to buy two cameras at the price of one, you should go with this APEMAN dual dash cam (Front + Rear dash cam). It is not wrong to say it the best dash cam 2022 because of its sharp and FHD resolution. The camera provides a video quality of 1080P at 30fps with its full HD lens. The front camera offers FHD resolution while the rear camera provides 720P HD resolution.

Moreover, it has a unique Starvis sensor for nighttime. This sensor, along with the F1.8 wide aperture and WDR technology, captures incredible videos at night. This unique sensor records even the finest details of the view without any graininess.

It has an ultra-wide 170 degree angled lens, so worry not because it won’t miss any details in the view. This APEMAN C420D has all the valuable features which the best dash cam should have. It has the G-sensor to record any accidental footages and prevent them from overwriting.

Also, it contains the loop recording facility, which saves your time by overwriting the old footage. Another exciting feature of this dash camera is the 24-hours anti-thief monitoring technology. Anytime if a car feels any vibrations or jerks, the camera will start recording that incident for further legalities.

One good spec which makes it stand out from its other fellow dash cams is the waterproof rear cam. So, you can even mount it outside the car because no rain or humidity will affect its efficiency. A 2-inch TFT screen is enough to visualize your real-time view. It has an overall compact design, and its mounting is so easy. Manufacturers also provide a reference video for further ease.

The water-resistant quality of the rear-view camera and the Starvis sensor for night vision increase its worth. Also, it is quite an affordable option for a dual-lens camera.

10. VAVA VA-VD009 Dual Dash Cam (Average Choice)

  • Include dual Sony sensors for exceptional video quality.
  • Features a VAVA app for managing and sharing videos.
  • Includes a built-in GPS tracker.
  • Contains a 2K front lens and an FHD rear lens.
  • The LCD screen is too small.
  • Too expensive.

VAVA VD009 is the newest dash cam with a dual camera lens that features a 2K lens in the front camera and a 1080P lens in the rear camera. The price is compatible with the video quality it provides. So, to call it a best dash cam 2022 is worthy of this dashboard camera. Both the cameras feature advanced Sony sensors in them. Also, the inbuilt four infra-red LED lights along with six glass lenses capture the tiniest of the details in the view. It can capture videos and pictures in any type of light, either dull or bright, with crystal clear vision.

Now it won’t be any difficult for you to access your videos, download them, and to share on social media. The dedicated VAVA app can truly assist you in all these tasks by providing free Wi-Fi. Additionally, the built-in GPS can keep track of your speed, location, and route. The premium ABS construction of the camera components makes it withstand even thee extreme temperatures. It can bear the lowest of -4 degree Fahrenheit and the highest of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you only want to use the front view camera, then you can turn off the rear lens via a simple button. The front dash cam is easily rotatable at 360 degrees, while the rear cam is 70 degrees rotatable. So, adjusting the cam according to your required view is not any difficult.

The gravity sensor can be a big relief for recording videos as proof for the legal investigations. It can record all the accidental happenings. Also, it will keep the footage safe from overwriting. To avoid storage issues, you can use a loop recording. So in case the SD card has no storage capacity for the new video, then it’ll overwrite the old ones.

The 2K front lens resolution and the FHD rear lens resolution is something that makes it the best dash cam 2022. Another feature that makes it a worth buy is its extreme temperature resistance.


Generally, if we look at all the dash cams, then more or less, they are the same. The thing which makes one stand out from others is their video quality and the overall quality. However, to choose which one is the best dash cam 2022 is a bit of a difficulty. So, here we are with our few recommendations. First of all, the star of the current talk among all of these is APEMAN C450 Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder. This one is our top pick.  It is best in terms of working efficiency as well as in terms of the cost.

The runner up here is the Rexing V1-4K Ultra HD Car Dash Cam. Although a little more in price than the previous one but still an excellent option to buy. Well, if you really can afford and love to invest in the high-end product, then our recommendation is to buy Vantrue N2 Pro 2.5K 1440P Dash Cam, Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam.

Here is the other one from the APEMAN, which manages to take the position of the best budget buy. For beginners who want to experience how this gadget works, we recommend you buy a product that must be budget-friendly. Here, the one which is best in terms of budget is APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P Car Camera with 3″ LCD Screen.

The last Dual Dash Cam, VAVA 2K Front and 1080P Cabin or 2.5K 30fps Single Front Car Camera is an average choice. It is a normal option not with many exaggerated features, and also not a bad option. So, if you are planning to dash cam a new traveling partner, then surely this article will help you.

Types of Dash Cams

First of all, let’s discuss the basic types of dashboard cameras available in the market. There are three basic types of dash cameras:

  • Single Lens Dash Cams
  • Dual (Front + Rear) Lens Dash Cams
  • Dual (Interior + Exterior) View Dash Cams

Let’s discuss a bit of each one of them for better understanding.

Single Lens Dash Cams

These are the ones with only a single lens for capturing the front roadside or the back view. You can set according to your required angle in any direction.

Dual (Front + Rear) Lens Dash Cams

As their name clearly shows, these dash cams have two lenses. One lens captures the front view of the road while the other one captures the rear-view. Both the lenses may have different resolutions depending upon the price and quality.

Dual (Interior + Exterior) View Dash Cams

These dashboard cameras are best for the Uber and taxi drivers to keep a view of inside and outside. These cameras also have two lenses, as their name clearly says dual. One lens records the front roadside view while the other keep record of the inside view of the car cabin.

Now, a best dash cam 2022 may be any of the above types depending upon the features and quality.

Other Features Present in Some Dash Cams

No feature has the credit of declaring a dashboard cam the ‘best dash cam 2022’. Here are some more features which you can look for in a dashboard camera.

Mounting and Installation Procedure

Most dash cams come with a simple suction mount to mount on your windshield or rear-view. However, you can still look for the one with the easy installation process so that you won’t face any difficulty.

SD Card Included or Not included

Certain manufacturers provide the SD memory card along with the camera. However, many renowned brands don’t provide this offer. But it doesn’t declare that these brands don’t manufacture the best dash cams 2022. We recommend using SD cards of above class 6 for efficient working.

Built-in Microphone

Some of these cameras even have an inbuilt microphone in them to record your voice. Its best for people who want to do voiceovers along with traveling. If you don’t want to use that feature, you can also turn Off the mic.

Best Dash Cam 2022 Buying Guide

Finally, you have made your decision to buy a dashboard cam, but what makes you reluctant now? You are a little confused about which features make a dash cam best. Don’t worry; we are here with the best dash cam 2022 buying guide. Not only will it clear all your ambiguities regarding dash cams, but it also helps to pinpoint the one best dash cam for you. There must be any specific reason that you are spending your money on a dashboard camera. Definitely, you expect that it must have some unique and extraordinary features other than the normal cameras.

Best Dash Cam Buying Tips – Infographics

Now, this buying guide will assist you in narrowing down all your thoughts into one real gadget, a dash cam. The main and foremost feature you are expecting is excellent video quality. But there are a lot more, which makes a dashboard camera best and unique.

Price Range Estimation

Before directly rushing into buying a dashboard cam, we recommend estimating your price range. How much can you invest in buying the best dash cam? There are different price ranges for a dashboard cam. Some quite cheap ones available under $50, but it doesn’t mean that the cameras are also of cheap quality. Then comes a medium price range from $50-$120. And finally, the high-end models in the price range of $150-$200. The first thing you have to do is to finalize your budget and then find the best one in that budget range.

Important Specs to look for in a Dash Cam

Here we are with the list of some important specifications to look for in the best dash cam. You must aim to look for premium features in a dashboard cam but at a reasonable price. We don’t recommend you rely only on these features to present in the best dash cam 2022. However, they are still important, along with the good video capturing quality.

Video Resolution

After the budget estimation, the next important thing is how much video resolutions it provides. Some dash cams provide you a VGA video resolution of 640×480P, while some provide HD resolution of 720P. The premium range mostly offers excellent quality video resolution, i.e., Full HD of 1080P. However, some manufacturers provide their customers the exceptional quality. A term Ultra HD resolution is now revolving in the dash cam industry. Dashboard cameras with 2K, 2.5K, and even 4K resolutions are also available in the market now.

Anti-thief Monitoring System / Parking Monitor

Some dash cams have special sensors that work as parking monitors. If anyone tries to open your car, the camera auto turns On and records the footage. So next time when you’ll turn On the camera, you can view that footage and take actions accordingly.

Free Wi-Fi / Built-in Apps

The next thing is the free Wi-Fi apps that the manufacturers provide to the customer for their ease. With these apps, you can manage your videos, download them, or your smartphones or share them.

Gravity Sensors or G-Sensors

Most of the dash cams have these gravity sensors in them to detect any gravitational activity or collision with the car. The camera instantaneously starts the recording and locks that video clip into a protected folder. This feature helps you in further investigations relevant to that accident.

GPS (Built-in or Optional)

GPS can be further additional evidence to prove your statement. It can keep a record of your driving speed during that specific event, your location, and the route. Some dashboard cameras have inbuilt GPS. However, some provide an optional antenna for this purpose in extra money.